dimanche, juin 06, 2004


Harry waited for the rest of the gang to move on before setting of (...) and by walking very quickly he soon came within hailing distance of Dudley (...)
'Hey, Big D!'
Dudley turned.
'Oh,' he grunted. 'It's you.'
'How long have you been "Big D" then?' said Harry.
'Shut it,' snarled Dudley, turning away.
'Cool name,' said Harry, grinning and falling into step beside his cousin. 'But you'll always be "Ickle Diddykins" to me.'
'I said, SHUT IT!' said Dudley, whose ham-like hands had curled into fists.
'Don't the boys know what you mum calls you?'
'Shut your face.'
'You don't tell her to shut her face. What about "Popkin" or "Dinky Diddydums" can I use them then?'
Dudley said nothing. The effort of keeping himself from hitting Harry seemed to demand all his self-control.
'So who've you been beating up tonight?' Harry asked, his grin fading. 'An other ten-year-old? I know you did Mark Evans two nights ago -'
'He was asking for it,' snarled Dudley.
'Oh yeah?'
'He cheeked me.'
'Yeah? Did he say you look like pig that's been taught to walk on its hind legs? 'Cause that's not cheek, Dud, that's true.'

MWAH WAH HA ! Colles-y une beigne Harry boy !

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